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Palia: How to Get Fine Axe



Palia - Fine Axe

There are 7 different tools in Palia that players will be able to get as they settle in the world of Palia. Each tool in Palia has its enhanced version that players can choose to get. Every enhanced version will require its respective crafting recipe for which players will need Gold and the required materials. One of the enhanced versions of the Axe tool is Fine Axe which will allow players to chop Large Trees.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Fine Axe in Palia.

How to Get the Fine Axe in Palia

To get the Fine Axe, you will have to reach Level 6 in Foraging Activity to unlock the Fine Axe recipe over at Ashura. Ashura is the leader of the Foraging Guild and you will be able to buy the recipe of Fine Axe from him for 1,500 Gold. Once you have enough Gold, go to Hodari and press the G Button to view his store to find and buy the Fine Axe recipe. After getting the recipe, you will have to gather the required materials for the recipe to craft it at the Worktable.

To craft the Fine Axe, you will need the following materials.

Make sure that you have crafted the Standard Axe before you get to craft the Fine Axe because the Fine Axe will require the previous version of the Axe. Once you have all the required materials, go to the Worktable and select the Tools tab. Select the Fine Axe recipe to craft it. After crafting the Fine Axe, you will automatically equip it in the place of your old Axe.

Like the Standard Axe, the Fine Axe also has a durability meter but its durability lasts for longer, allowing you to chop medium and large trees for a longer period. The Fine Axe is mainly used to chop large trees and deal more damage than a Standard Axe. It will allow players to get Flow-Infused Wood more quickly than the low-tier Axe tool.

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