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Palia: How to Get Fisherman’s Brew



Palia: How to Get Fisherman’s Brew

Fisherman’s Brew stands as one of the consumables and cooking recipes within Palia that players can craft individually. Partaking in Fisherman’s Brew grants a temporary buff to the Fishing reticle size, facilitating an easier fish-catching experience. If you’re eager to learn how to obtain Fisherman’s Brew, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will elucidate the process of getting Fisherman’s Brew in Palia.

How to get Fisherman’s Brew in Palia

To prepare Fisherman’s Brew, players can utilize the Campfire, combining Emerald Carpet Moss and Crystal Lake Lotus as the required ingredients. However, prior to concocting this recipe, you must first get the cooking recipe. To obtain the Fisherman’s Brew recipe, it’s essential to elevate your Fishing Guild level to Level 5. Upon reaching Level 5 within the Fishing Guild, the Fisherman’s Brew recipe will be unlocked and available for purchase at Einar’s Fishing Guild Store. To access this, locate Einar in the Fisherman’s Lagoon area, press the ‘G’ button to access his store, and get the Fisherman’s Brew recipe for a cost of 1,000 Gold.

Once in possession of the Fisherman’s Brew recipe, crafting the brew requires the following ingredients:

  • 1x Emerald Carpet Moss
  • 1x Crystal Lake Lotus

Gathering these items necessitates a trip to the coastline of the Kilima Valley map. Both ingredients emit a luminous glow during the nighttime, making the nighttime collection the optimal approach.

How to get Fisherman’s Brew in Palia

After securing the recipe and ingredients, proceed to your designated plot area. Interact with the Campfire to craft the Fisherman’s Brew recipe.

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