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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Feed Grandpa



TTCSM: How to Feed Grandpa

Grandpa is an NPC in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game who is described as “the best killer there ever was”. Despite the lack of playability in Grandpa’s character, he is certainly the most useful character in the Family. Players can enhance the abilities of Grandpa by feeding blood to him which marks the pinpoint locations of the victims. Not only that, with the abilities being activated, Family members receive several buffs respective to the abilities. It certainly makes things easier for the Family members to hunt down the victims.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Feed Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to Feed Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Feeding Blood to Grandpa is pretty simple as it only requires the player who has the blood to find and interact with Grandpa to feed him. Grandpa spawns in random locations on each map but Family Members can locate Grandpa easily. After finding Grandpa, they need to press the respective interaction button to feed blood to Grandpa.

However, the players must find Blood first before they get to feed it to Grandpa. To get the Blood, there are two different methods.

  • Players can either take the Blood from Buckets scattered around the map.
  • Players can hurt or kill the Victims to take the Blood.

Buckets can be found easily as they spawn in different areas of the map. Players will only have to find the Bucket and interact with it to take a certain quantity of Blood depending on the character’s harvest level. Each Family character has a different harvest level and Sissy has the highest harvest level among all of the Family characters. After harvesting the blood from the Bucket, players can go and feed it to Grandpa to strengthen him. Over time these buckets will refill on their own and players can harvest them again to feed blood to Grandpa.

The second method will require Family characters to find and hurt or kill the victims. Players will have to use their character’s main ability to set out traps or hear them moving around the map to find the victims. Upon attacking the victims, Family members will gather a small amount of blood and on each strike, the amount of gathered blood will increase. Alternatively, if a family character does an execution of a victim, they will get more quantity of blood.

The easiest way is to gather the blood from buckets to increase the level of Grandpa to activate a few abilities. However, family members would also have to take care of Grandpa as victims can strike him with Bone weapons to reduce his strength which will result in the deactivation of his abilities.

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