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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Perks for the Family



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Perks for the Family

Family characters are stronger than Victims, but that doesn’t mean they cannot escape the Family. Since Victim characters have more mobility, they can easily maneuver through crawlspaces or small passages, making it difficult for Family characters to track their locations. However, this challenge can be overcome by using perks that enhance the play style of the Family characters. Not all Family characters can rush to take down Victims due to their attributes, but these attributes can be enhanced by utilizing the best perks in their loadouts. If you’re seeking the best perks for the Family, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you choose the best perks for each character in the Family category in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The Best Perks for the Family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

There are five different characters in the Family, and you can spend Skill Points to unlock various perks and then equip them from the characters’ loadouts. You can choose to spend Skill Points on one character you play the most or distribute them among the other characters. Since another player in the party might choose your character, having a few options is better.

To make the Family characters deadlier, we will list the best perk for each one:

  • Prey Drive: Prey Drive is best for Cook because he has the weakest Endurance. Cook, being a team player, can use his ability to hear and spot Victims. Prey Drive increases stamina recharge by a certain percentage for a few seconds after spotting a victim.
  • Dinner Bell: Dinner Bell is best for Hitchhiker because he excels at setting up traps around the map. The Dinner Bell perk highlights the Victim for the Perk Holder once caught in a trap, increasing the chances of catching the victim.
  • Linger: Linger is best for Sissy, who sets up traps using poisonous clouds. With the Linger Perk, the time and diameter of poisonous clouds increase. Victims caught in the trap will be slowed down for more time, allowing Sissy to close in more quickly.
  • Punishment: Punishment is best for Johnny, who can see footprints and gather clues of a hidden victim. With the Punishment Perk, Johnny deals extra damage when finding a victim, helping to take down victims more quickly.
  • Tracker Tagged: Tracker Tagged works best on Leatherface, who lacks mobility. With this Perk, if Leatherface hits a Victim, it will be highlighted for a few seconds, allowing other Family characters to close in on the victim’s location.

You can always mix and match other perks in the loadouts to create a composition that works best for you.

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