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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Blood Harvesting Build for Sissy



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Blood Harvesting Build for Sissy

Getting Blood is crucial for the Family as they will have to feed the blood to Grandpa to activate his abilities. Grandpa’s abilities provide more effects that will help players track down the players in the facility but to achieve that, players must gather enough amount of blood and feed it to Grandpa. The best character for such a purpose is Sissy. Sissy has the highest Blood Harvest Attribute of all the other characters of the Family and players can even further increase it by equipping the best perks.

Want to know how to harvest more blood in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you with what perks to unlock and equip and how to level up the main ability of Sissy.

Best Blood Harvesting Build for Sissy

The Blood Harvesting Build for Sissy completely relies on Perks and Grandpa Ability. To make the build, make sure to Level Up Sissy by completing actions in the game to gain XP and Skill Points. As you get Skill Points, open the Skill Tree and start spending the points to unlock the following 3 Perks.

  • Universal Donor: The Universal Donor Perk increases the amount of blood collected from buckets by a certain percentage. Leveling up this perk to Level 3 will allow you to get 40% more blood from the buckets.
  • Blood Runner: Blood Runner Perk will reduce the stamina consumption by a percentage while running with a Blood Vial that is more than 50% full. You can reduce Stamina Consumption by up to 15% by leveling up this perk.
  • Fired Up: Fired Up Perk will allow you to regenerate stamina more quickly once you have run out of stamina. As you would be running around collecting more blood to feed Grandpa often and level his abilities quickly, this perk will help you a lot.

Once you have obtained these 3 perks, it is time to unlock the Excited Grandpa ability. It is the ability of Grandpa that allows Grandpa to use his Sonar ability more quickly. By having this activated, the Victims will not be able to hide as their pinpoint location will be marked for all of the Family characters.

Lastly, you can level up Bane, the main ability by increasing the duration of Poisonous Cloud and then the effect of Poisonous Cloud. So, whenever a victim gets trapped in your Poisonous Cloud, the effect will stay for longer which slows down the victim as well as the time for the whole Poisonous Cloud.

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