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Palia: How to Get Worm Farm



Palia: Worm Farm

Fishing and Gardening is one of the crucial activities in Palia that can help you not only in quests but allowing you to get various ingredients for the Cooking guild and earn gold. Fishing requires worms as bait for certain fish and Gardening requires fertilizers to increase and improve the growth of the crops. Worms and Fertilizers can be obtained from the General Store or the respective Guild Store but there is another way you can get them easily and that is by using the Worm Farm. However, to use the Worm Farm, you will first have to unlock it and craft it.

Looking to know how to get a Worm Farm crafter in Palia, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how to get a Worm Farm in Palia.

How to Unlock Worm Farm in Palia

To get the Worm Farm, you must first unlock its recipe by attaining Level 4 in the Fishing Activity. Progress through this level by catching fish of various kinds. Once you have reached Level 4 in Fishing, visit Einar and engage in conversation. Einar can be found at Fisherman’s Lagoon in Kilima Valley. Access his store by pressing the ‘G’ button, where you’ll find the Worm Farm Recipe priced at 500 Gold. After obtaining the recipe, proceed to craft the Worm Farm at the Worktable.

How to Craft Worm Farm in Palia

To craft the Worm Farm, you will need the following materials.

Once you have obtained all of the required materials, go to the Worktable and select the Crafters tab to find the Worm Farm recipe. Select the recipe and then select the Make option to craft the Worm Farm. After crafting the Worm Farm, you can place it down in your plot area to use it and get Worms and Fertilizers free of cost.

That is all related to how to get Worm Farm in Palia,

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