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Palia: How to Make Macaron



Palia - Macaron

Macaron is a secret food recipe in Palia that players can choose to make and complete a secret quest at the same time. Making the Macaron for the first time will be during the Great Human Bake–Off quest which can be started by picking up A Very Old – Grocery List.

This guide will assist you with all the steps required to make Macaron in Palia.

Where to Find A Very Old – Grocery List

Finding the Grocery List is crucial for learning the recipe for Macaron. To find the grocery list, you need to make your way to the Bahari Bay map zone and go to the platform in between two hills in the Flooded Steps area. There will be a list on the ground that you need to pick up. Pick up the list and read it from your inventory to start the Great Human Bake-Off quest.

After reading the list, find Hekla and talk to her to learn the recipe for Macaron.

Ingredients Required for Macaron

Talking to Hekla will reveal the required ingredients and you need to gather the following ingredients.

The dairy products can be bought from the General Store and the Sweet Leaf spice is found in the same area where you found the grocery list.

How to Make Macaron

To make the Macaron, you will need 2 Mixing Stationsand the required Ingredients. Interact with the Mixing Station and select the Macaron recipe to start making the recipe.

Upon starting the process, go to the second Mixing Station and stir the Sweet Leaf by holding down the Left-Click Button. Once it is done, go to the primary Mixing Station and add the Sweet Leaf by pressing the Left-Click Button and then holding down the Left-Click Button to stir the batter to make the Macarons.

Make sure to stir on both Mixing Stations in under 1 minute otherwise, you will get Ruined Food. Cooking Macaron will give you 3x Macarons and each can be consumed to gain 225 Focus or sold at General Store or Shipping Bin for 31 Gold each.

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