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Palia: How to Get Sushi Recipe



Palia - Sushi Recipe

Palia offers several cooking recipes that players can cook using the required ingredients and consume them to earn Focus which helps them in various activities. However, not all recipes are readily available as some recipes are rare and require to be found before players can cook them. One of the rare recipes in Palia is Sushi which happens to be an ancient human recipe that players should find to unlock the ability to cook it.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get the Sushi Recipe in Palia.

How to Get Sushi Recipe in Palia

Getting the Sushi Recipe is different from many other uncommon or rare recipes in Palia as it requires fishing with Glow Worms. You cannot buy the recipe from Reth or any other villager as its recipe has been lost and you need to retrieve a cookbook which can be found in the ponds of the Palian World. There are two map zones of the Palian World map, Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. Both of the map zones have a few ponds located in them and you need to fish in any one of the ponds only using the Glow Worm bait until you catch the cookbook.

Glow Worm in Palia

Glow Worm is a fishing bait and can be obtained by two different methods in Palia. You can either get a Worm Farm or buy it directly from Einar’s Fishing Guild for 10 Fishing Medals. Fishing Medals will require you to at least reach Level 10 in Fishing Guild so, if you are below Level 10, then try to get Worm Farm or if you are above Level 10 then simply buy Glow Worm from Einar.

Once you have the Glow Worm, go to any one of the ponds either in Kilima Valley or in Bahari Bay and start fishing. You need to keep fishing until you catch a bottle with a note in it to unlock the Sushi Recipe. Keep in mind that there is no required time for getting the recipe, it can take a while before you get the recipe or you might get it in a couple of tries.

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