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Palia: Where to Find Founder’s Boot



Palia: Founder's Boot

Founder’s Boot is a quest item in Palia that starts a secret quest named “Founder’s Keepers” that players can complete by returning the boot to its rightful owner. However, players must find the boot to start the quest.

Looking to know where to find Founder’s Boot in Palia, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you in finding the Founder’s Boot in Palia.

Where to Find Founder’s Boot in Palia

The Founder’s Boot can be obtained by fishing in Kilima Rivers with no Bait. You can fish out the Founder’s Boot in Kilima Rivers located west of the Kilima Village. If you go in the west direction from the Blacksmith’s store in Kilima Village, you will reach a vantage point of fishing where you can fish out the Founder’s Boot.

Make sure to cast the fishing line into the river without using any bait and wait for the bobber to shake to fish out the Founder’s Boot. Once you have caught the Founder’s Boot by fishing, it will start the Founder’s Keepers quest which will require you to find the owner of the boot. You can ask the villagers by talking to them but none of them will claim that it is their boot except Kenli.

Go to the Mayor’s Estate and find Kenli to talk to him about the Boot that you caught by fishing. He will immediately remember that he lost the Founder’s Boot and tell you a story about how he lost it. Hear the story and go through the dialogues and the Founder’s Keepers quest will conclude by rewarding you with 5 Renown and 500 Gold.

That is all related to where to find Founder’s Boot in Palia.

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