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Palia: A Hole Lotta Work – Tau’s Friendship Quest



Palia: A Hole Lotta Work

Tau is the latest character in Palia with whom players can increase their Friendship Level by giving gifts daily or talking to him but players cannot reach Level 4 Friendship Level with Tau until they complete his Friendship quests. One of the friendship quests for Tau is A Hole Loota Work which players will get to start once they have found Tau’s Hidden Stash of Papers in the Not-So-Good Boy quest for Eshe.

We will be covering all the objectives of A Hole Lotta Work friendship quest for Tau in Palia.

A Hole Lotta Work – Walkthrough

To start the A Hole Lotta Work friendship quest for Tau, you need to go to the Mayor’s Estate in Kilima Valley and talk to Kenli. He will require your help regarding his broken flower beds and tell you Tau has destroyed the flowerbeds. Go through the dialogues and the quest will start.

Gather Materials to Repair Flower Beds

You will need the following materials for repairing the Flower Beds.

  • 5x Ceramic
  • 5x Sundrop Lily

You can craft the Ceramic at the Basic Smelter using the Clay but if you talk to Hassian at this point of the quest, he will give you 5x Ceramic for free. For the Sundrop Lily, you can find these flowers easily in various areas of Kilima Valley.

Repair Flower Beds

After getting the required materials, go back to the Mayor’s Estate in Kilima Valley and you will find piles of dirt outside of the Mayor’s Estate building. Go near all 5 piles of dirt and interact with them to repair the Flower Beds.

Once you have repaired the Flower Beds, go inside the Mayor’s Estate and talk to Kenli to inform him about the Flower Beds. He will be happy but also tell you about seeing Tau going towards your Plot area.

Find Tau in Your Plot Area

Now, you need to go back to your plot area to find Tau. Run or Fast Travel back to your Plot area and as you reach there, you will find Tau in front of the plot area. Talk to Tau and ask him about the troubles he created and he will give you a Slightly Chewed Package as a gift for fixing up the garden. Open the package and talk to Tau again to conclude the quest.


Completing the A Hole Lotta Work will earn players the following rewards.

  • 20 Renown
  • 20 Friendship Points with Tau

That is all related to A Hole Lotta Work, Tau’s Friendship Quest in Palia.

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