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Palia: Where to Find Stonefish



Palia: Where to find Stonefish

Stonefish is one of the Common fish in Palia that is required for Creatures of the Abyss Bundle of Vault of the Roots. Players will be able to unlock this new vault by completing the Temple of the Roots main quest. The bundle requires a couple of fish and bugs that players must find in the wild and contribute to complete it.

This guide will focus on where you can find the Stonefish in Palia.

Where to Find Stonefish in Palia

Stonefish can be found in the caves both in the Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay map zones using Glow Worms as bait at any time of the day. Both of the map zones have their own unique spot in the caves where you can find Stonefish. If you are looking for Stonefish in Kilima Valley, go to the Phoenix Falls area to find a pond inside the cave. For Bahari Bay, enter the Pavel Mines from the eastern entrance to find a pond.

How to Catch Stonefish in Palia

To catch the Stonefish fish, you need to use Glow Worm as bait on your fishing rod. Cast the line as far as you can with your fishing rod with Glow Worm equipped as bait and wait for the bobber to shake three times. As the bobber starts to move after the third shake, Reel in the fish by holding the Left-Click Button and moving the mouse to keep the fish inside the brackets to catch the fish.

It can take a few tries or even more than 10 tries to catch Stonefish because there are other fish in the pond who will strike first at the bait so, be patient to catch the Stonefish. Hypnotic Moray is also found in the same location which is a rare fish that is also needed for the Creatures of the Abyss Bundle.

Once you have caught the Stonefish, you can contribute it to the Creatures of the Abyss Bundle at the shrine in the Night Sky Temple.

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