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Palia’s Next Patch Includes Romance with Subira



Palia's next patch includes romance with Subira

There are currently 10 villagers in Palia that players can choose to romance within their playthrough. Hodari was the recent villager who was added to the Romanceable characters in the 0.170 patch due to the high requests of players. As there is currently no new content added to Palia in the new year, the next patch, 0.176 was teased by the official Palia News page in the Dev Update January 2024.

The Dev Update reveals a brand-new Luna New Year event which will take place in Maji Market and Subira, the newest villager in Palia added in the 0.173 patch will be romanceable. She is a watcher from The Order that belongs to the Majiri Group and was sent to Kilima Village to investigate the unusual happenings.

Subira can initially be found at a party while progressing through the main quests and as players grow their Friendship with Subira, they will be able to unlock Romance with her in the latest patch. Further details regarding romancing with Subira haven’t been disclosed as the official patch notes of the 0.176 patch haven’t been released.

The release date of the 0.176 patch is still uncertain but according to the Devs in the update news, the patch will be issued to Palia on all platforms either at the end of January or early February.

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