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Maji Market will be Returning in Palia’s Next Major Patch for a New In-Game Event



Maji Market will return to Palia with Luna New Year event

Palia had a great launch year even though it is still in the Beta Phase, it branched out to multiple platforms including Epic Games and Nintendo Switch, and was announced/listed on Steam, all in just five months. The Open Beta was released in early August with a 0.166 Patch and now it is currently in a 0.175 patch which was released in December. All nine patches along with fifteen hotfixes were updated to the game for players to enjoy new content in the Palian World.

With the new year, no major patch has been released yet but Palia did share the Dev Update January 2024 highlighting the new content that players can expect in the 0.176 patch. The actual contents of patch 0.176 haven’t been disclosed in the update news but it does disclose the very next major in-game event.

The next in-game event that will be held in Palia with the 0.176 update is the celebration of Luna New Year. The celebration of Luna New Year will be held in the Maji Market which will be returning to Palia in the 0.176 patch. Those who are new to Palia might not know what Maji Market is but those who have been playing and enjoying the content of Palia from day one will get to revisit Maji Market and participate in brand new activities related to the Luna New Year event.

The release date of the 0.176 patch is still uncertain but according to the Devs in the update news, the patch will be issued to Palia on all platforms either at the end of January or early February.

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