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Palworld: How to Fast Travel



Palworld: Fast Travel

The world of Palworld is vast and filled with several kinds of Pals (creatures) some of which are found in specific regions while others are found almost everywhere on the island. Alongside Pals, the island has several dungeons of different levels that players can complete to get exquisite materials. As these places can be far from the base, players must learn how to fast travel to quickly get to the base and various regions of the island.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fast travel in Palworld.

How to Fast Travel in Palworld

Fast traveling in Palworld is fairly easier than many other survival games out there as it introduces fast traveling towers right at the beginning. The fast-traveling towers are scattered around everywhere on the island and players get to discover them as they explore the island. Every tower reveals a certain location of the island when activated and acts as a fast-traveling point.

Players can activate the tower by pressing the F button and interacting with the tower will open the map showing the other activated towers and the base. It will allow players to travel to other activated towers and the base just by selecting any discovered location.

Additionally, players can also fast-travel to these towers from the base by interacting with the Palbox structure. Press the C button at the Palbox to open the map for fast traveling and then select the discovered locations to fast travel.

Fast traveling around the island doesn’t cost any material or gold which makes it more efficient for traveling greater distances in moments.

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