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Palworld: How to Feed Pals



Palworld - Feed Pals

Taking care of your captured Pals is your responsibility in Palworld and feeding them is one of the services that you should provide to them. Feeding your Pals will allow them to stay in good condition and work on the base restlessly until the end of the day. Apart from feeding the Pals on the base, you will also have to feed the Pals that are in your party as they won’t eat until you feed them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to feed Pals in Palworld.

How to Feed Pals in Palworld

There are multiple methods to feed your Pals in Palworld either they are at the base or in your party. The basic method to feed any one of your Pals is by commanding them to feed. Press the ‘4’ button while looking at the Pal to open the command wheel and select the feed option. It will command your Pal to come to you and allow you to select a food item from your inventory to feed it to your Pal.

However, this method can be time-consuming later in the game, especially when you have several Pals to feed. A quick method that you can use to feed your Pals who are working at the base is to build them a Feed Box. A Feed Box is a food-type structure that you will get to unlock at Technology Level 4 and learn its recipe using two technology points. It can be built using the build mode and only requires 20x Wood.

After building the Feed Box, interact with it to place the food items in the Feed Box. All the Pals that have been deployed to the base will eat themselves whenever they are hungry throughout the day.

Another quick method to feed the Pals that are in your party is to select a food item from your inventory and then select a Pal instead of yourself to feed it to the selected Pal. You will not have to command the Pal to come to you to eat the food. It is more efficient and time-saving and will keep you and your Pals focused on the journey.

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