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Palworld: How to Get a Shield



Palworld - Shield

Surviving in the world of Palworld would require players to face various challenges throughout the journey with battling higher-level Pals being the difficult one. As high-level Pals deal more damage, players must have a shield to tank a couple of hits before losing any HP. Shield plays a crucial role in defense stat for the character and increases the survivability of the character.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get a shield in Palworld.

How to Get a Shield in Palworld

There are four different levels of Shield in Palworld that players will get to unlock as they level up in Technology and progress in the game. The very first level of Shield that players will get to unlock is a Common Shield on Level 4. It takes two technology points to learn its recipe and crafted at the Primitive Workbench using the following materials.

Upon crafting the shield and acquiring it, it will be automatically equipped to the character and protect from a certain amount of damage. Since it is a starting-level shield it absorbs less than all the high-level shields but it is best to unlock it as soon as possible to survive through early-level dungeons and prevent the enemies from raiding your base.

One of the best features of the shield is that it auto-regenerates while taking no damage. If your shield bar reaches zero by taking damage, it will regenerate when you are safe from the danger. You don’t have to craft another shield to get the shield back. Sleeping in a Shoddy Bed will also help regenerate the shield more quickly and this feature is permanent for all levels of shield.

All the Shields that players will get to unlock throughout the journey are the following.

  • Common Shield – Level 4
  • Mega Shield – Level 16
  • Giga Shield – Level 28
  • Hyper Shield – Level 43

Similar to the Common Shield, all the shields’ recipes are found at the Primitive Workbench after learning them so, make sure that you craft them while leveling up.

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