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Palworld: How to Get Fiber



Palworld - Fiber

The world in Palworld is enriched with both minerals and organic resources that are essential for survival, taking care of the captured Pals, and progressing in the game. One of the early organic resources that players can get and is crucial for taking care of Pals in Fiber. Fiber is used in several crafting recipes and structures that will help you take care of your base and the Pals living in it.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Fiber in Palworld.

How to Get Fiber in Palworld

Fiber is a natural resource and can be obtained by cutting down trees in the wild. The world in Palworld is filled with trees and the only required tool for cutting the trees is an Axe. Fortunately, the game fills players up with the starting tools which include a Stone Axe. Players can get the Stone Axe by setting up a Primitive Workbench and using it to craft the Stone Axe which only requires 5x Wood and 5x Stone.

Upon getting a Stone Axe, equip it from the inventory and find the trees to cut down. As you cut down the trees, you will gain several Wood along with a decent amount of Fiber. Every tree has a drop rate of 4 – 7 Fiber so, if you are cutting down multiple trees at once, you will be farming Fiber easily.

However, be aware of the durability of the Stone Axe as it will tend to break the more you use it. Make sure to repair the Stone Axe along with other tools from time to time so, that you don’t end up breaking them.

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