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Palworld: How to Repair Weapons and Tools



Palworld - Repair Weapons and Tools

Palworld offers various kinds of weapons and tools that are essential for survival. Utilizing the weapons and tools will gradually deplete their durability which ends up destroying them. Players must keep an eye on each weapon/tool’s durability and repair them when needed to keep them in their use.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to repair weapons and tools in Palworld.

How to Repair Weapons and Tools in Palworld

Repairing the Weapons and Tools will require players to set up a Repair Bench at the base. The Repair Bench is one of the Production Workbenches in Palworld that players will get to unlock for 1 Technology Point at Technology Level 2. After unlocking the recipe for the Repair Bench, go into the build mode by pressing the B button and then select the Repair Bench to place it. It will take 10x Wood and 10x Stone to craft the Repair Bench.

Upon crafting the Repair Bench, interact with it to view all the weapons and tools in the inventory. Select a weapon/tool that you want to repair and then select the ‘Repair’ option on the bottom right corner of the Repair Bench menu to repair it and replenish its durability.

Repairing the weapon/tool will cost partial materials of the same materials that are required to craft the weapon/tool. For instance, if your Stone Axe has broken and you need to repair it, it will cost you 2x Wood and 2x Stone whereas, crafting a new Stone Axe will cost you 5x Wood and 5x Stone.

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