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Palworld: How to Unlock the Wooden Chest



Palworld - unlock wooden chest

The world in Palworld offers several valuable items, weapons, tools, resources, and materials that are all crucial for survival and progression. Players will get to gather all sorts of items and materials right from the beginning of the game but due to the weight mechanic in the game, players will have to manage their inventory efficiently to not overweight their character. One of the earliest ways to manage the inventory is by unlocking the Wooden Chest and storing the valuable items in it for future use.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock the Wooden Chest in Palworld.

How to Unlock the Wooden Chest in Palworld

The Wooden Chest is the first storage structure in Palworld that is unlocked at Technology Level 2. Players will be able to learn its recipe upon reaching level 2 and spending 1 technology point on it. Level 2 can be reached fairly easily as it is the earliest level of the game. To spend the technology point to unlock the recipe, open the main menu, select the Technology tab to view the unlocked recipes, and then select the Wooden Chest recipe.

Once you have unlocked the Wooden Chest recipe, go into the build mode by pressing the b button and switch to Storage to find the Wooden Chest. Select the Wooden Chest structure and place it on the ground or a foundation to start building it. It will cost 15x Wood and 5x Stone to build it.

The Wooden Chest offers 10 storage slots for different items, materials, and resources that players can store in bundles. It is useful to store the items that have more weight so that your character doesn’t get overweight quickly. The items that you prefer to use at the base like food for Pals or resources for repairing purposes can be stored in the wooden chest to utilize the inventory.

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