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Palworld: How to Unlock Stone Spear



Palworld - Stone Spear

Weapons are more efficient in dealing damage to Pals than starting tools in Palworld. One of the early weapons players can unlock is a Stone Spear. It deals more damage than a regular wooden club and has a decent range that allows players to land lunging strikes on Pals.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock a Stone Spear in Palworld.

How to Unlock Stone Spear in Palworld

There are multiple types of Spears that players will get to unlock in Palworld including Metal Spear and Refined Metal Spear, but the very first Spear that players can unlock fairly in the starting hour of the game is Stone Spear. Players can unlock and learn the recipe for the Stone Spear once they reach Level 4 of Technology.

To increase the Technology level, forage resources, mine rocks and ores, catch Pals, and complete base missions. Once the players reach Level 4, they can open the Technology tab and use two Technology Points to learn the recipe for Stone Spear. Upon learning the recipe, it will be added to the Primitive Workbench from where players can craft it.

Interact with the Primitive Workbench to select the recipe for Stone Spear to craft. Crafting the Stone Spear will require 18x Wood and 6x Stone that can be gathered from cutting the trees and mining the rock nodes.

Upon crafting the Stone Spear, acquire it from the Primitive Workbench to store it in your inventory and then equip it in one of the Weapons slots to use it.

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