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Palworld: How to Deploy Pals to Work at Your Base



Palworld - Deploy Pals to Work at your base

The world in Palworld has various kinds of Pals (creatures) that players will get to capture as they explore and progress in the game. All of the Pals are of certain types associating them with specific work suitability in which they can help while being deployed at the base. It is essential to deploy the maximum number of your captured Pals at your base to get as much help as you can from them in various types of work.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to deploy pals to work at your base in Palworld.

How to Deploy Pals to Work at Your Base in Palworld

Deploying your captured Pals will require you to first allocate yourself a base by placing a Palbox. The Palbox is one of the Pal structures in Palworld that players will get to unlock at Technology Level 2 and learn its recipe by spending one technology point. After learning the recipe, go into the build mode and select the Pal category to find the palbox. Select it and place it on the ground to build it using 1x Paldium Fragment, 8x Wood, and 3x Stone.

Once you have built the Palbox, a certain radius of area will be allocated to you as your base and you will be able to deploy your captured Pals to work in the base using the Palbox. Interact with the Palbox to view the captured Pals and then select the Pal you want to deploy and place it in the slot under the ‘Pal at the base’ section.

Upon placing a Pal at the base, it will appear on the base and start working according to its Work Suitability nature. You can learn the work suitability natures of every Pal you have captured by viewing details at the Palbox. Learning the details of every captured Pal will allow you to understand the work that every Pal can do and you can deploy a different variety of Pals to get all kinds of work done at your base.

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