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Palworld: How to Increase Stats of Your Character



Palworld - Increase Stats of the Character

Starting your journey in Palworld will provide you with overall mediocre stat points that you can gradually increase by leveling up your character and investing earned Stat Points in the available attributes. It is crucial to increase the stats in Palworld as it will increase your character’s potential in several ways and allow your character to survive for longer in dire situations and much more.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase the stats of your character in Palworld.

How to Increase Stats of Your Character in Palworld

There are six main attributes of your character in Palworld that are associated with the overall potential of your character. Increasing your character’s potential is based on increasing these attributes which can be done using the Stat Points. The Stat Points are earned by leveling up your character. Each level grants you 1 stat point along with Technology Points that can be used to learn new technology recipes.

Leveling up in Palworld is easier than other survival games because you gain XP by doing any activity. Foraging resources, mining, catching Pals, building structures, feeding Pals, etc. all grant you some XP in Palwrold. Once you have leveled up your character, open the inventory by pressing the Tab button and look to the right side to find the Stats Chart of your character.

Stat Chart will give you an extensive look at your character’s attributes and show you the number of Stat Points you currently utilize. To do so, select the ‘Enhance Stats’ option and then use the arrows in front of the attributes to increase them. Increasing each attribute will consume one Stat Point and it will significantly increase the potential of your character respectively.

  • HP: Increases the maximum health of the character.
  • Stamina: Increases the stamina of the character allowing them to mine, dodge, attack, etc. for a longer time.
  • Attack: Increases the overall attack power.
  • Defense: Increases the overall defense.
  • Work Speed: Increase the speed of building structures and infrastructures, and crafting recipes.
  • Weight: Increases the maximum carrying capacity.

Best Stats to Increase in Early Game

The Best Stats to increase in the early game are Stamina, Work Speed, and Weight. It will allow your character to gather materials quickly, build the structures and craft recipes more quickly, and carry more items in the inventory.

The starting carrying capacity of the character is 300 weight which can be filled pretty quickly but having more carrying capacity will allow you to gather more materials and items from farther regions and bring them back to the base without needing to throw items from the inventory.

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