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Palworld: How to Make a Cloth Outfit



Palworld - Cloth Outfit

Starting in Palworld will have no suitable outfit for your character to either give you defense or save you from cold at night. Surviving the cold nights is one of the earliest challenges that you will encounter which can be countered with a campfire but you cannot always stick close to the campfire during the night. It is best to make your first outfit, a cloth outfit that will help you wander in the world and explore new regions without the fear of dying of cold.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a cloth outfit in Palworld.

How to Make a Cloth Outfit in Palworld

The Cloth Outfit is the very first outfit that players will get to make in Palworkd that will protect them from the cold at night. Making a Cloth Outfit will first require players to unlock two separate item recipes – Cloth and Cloth Outfit. To unlock the recipe for Cloth, players will have to level up their character to Technology Level 3 and spend one technology point to unlock the Cloth level. For the Cloth Outfit, players will have to reach Technology Level 4 and it will require 2 technology points to learn the Cloth Outfit recipe.

Upon learning the recipes for both of the required items, players will have to get at least 4x Wool to craft the required number of Cloth recipes for the Cloth Outfit. Wool can be obtained from catching Pals like Lamball and Cremis or building a ranch at your base. Once you have the required number of Wools in your inventory, go and interact with the Primitive Workbench to find the Cloth recipe.

Select the Cloth recipe and craft two of it. Now, interact with the workbench again and craft the Cloth Outfit. Once you have made the Cloth Outfit, take it from the workbench and your character will equip the outfit by itself.

Cloth Outfit doesn’t give any defense advantages but it does protect you from the cold in the night which will allow you to explore more regions of the world in the night safely. As you progress further in the game and level up your character, you will get to craft more advanced outfit with defense advantages.

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