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Palworld: How to Make a Campfire



Palworld - Campfire

Surviving in Palworld requires you to craft various weapons and tools as well as build certain structures to counter the deadly cold weather at night. One of the structures to both counter the cold weather and prepare basic food is a Campfire. Making a Campfire at your base will allow you to cook several food recipes using the food items that you gather from foraging and catching or killing certain Pals.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a Campfire in Palworld.

How to Make a Campfire in Palworld

The Campfire is a food-type structure in Palworld that players can unlock and learn its recipe at reaching Level 2 of Technology. Forage resources, mine rocks and ores, catch Pals, and complete base missions to increase the level. Once you have reached level 2, open the Technology tab and learn the recipe for Campfire by using one Technology Point.

Upon learning the recipe, go into the Build Mode by pressing the B button and switch to the Food category to find the Campfire structure. Select the Campfire and place it on the ground to build it. It will require 10x Wood to build the Campfire so, make sure that you have the required amount of wood in your inventory or a wooden chest.

Once you have made the Campfire, you can interact with it by pressing the F button. It will open your inventory through which you can select the food items to cook food recipes. Alongside cooking the food, you can stay close to the Campfire to avoid the freezing temperature during nighttime to survive through the night.

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