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Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Get Titanium



Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Get Titanium

Raft chapter 3 is out now and it offers new content to the players with a new story. Players will go to different locations to progress the story and reach new locations. There are also new machines added to the game as well but they require titanium in order to make use of them. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get titanium in Raft.

Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Get Titanium

How to get Titanium

To get titanium players will need to go on a treasure hunt on different islands or they can visit the new trading posts that have been added to the game in the new chapter. Hunting titanium is difficult because you’ll get a very low amount on the islands. But with the trading posts added to the game, you can get tons of titanium from buying.

To get to the trading post, head to any yellow island or snow island, you’ll find a trading post there. The Trading post has 3 different tiers in it which offer different quality of items. The titanium ore is at tier 3 which means you have to increase your reputation at the trading post by selling items. You can sell different items on the trading post and you’ll get a trading coin which is used to buy things along with Trash Cube.

Now the Trash Cube is what you get from the recycler. The recycler blueprint can be got by going at the Radio Tower 2614. You’ll head there at the start of this chapter and you’ll get the recycler blueprint. Make the recycler and place it on your raft and then you need to place any item that you can find that you don’t need. The recycler will turn that into a trash cube. Make trash cube as much as you can and then go to the Trading post, if you are on a low tier then buy a fishing bait and then fish for a while, and then sell the fish at the trading post to get your reputation up and unlock new tier. Do that until you unlock tier 3 than buy the Titanium Ore with the trading coins you get from selling the fishes and Trash Cube that you got from the recycler. You can easily buy the titanium in the new chapter and titanium is very important for the machines.

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