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Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Improve Your Raft



Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Improve Your Raft

Raft chapter 3 is now available and a lot of players will be starting a new survival world. The players who start from their existing world will already have an improved raft and resources but the new players have to start from scratch. The main thing in Raft is to create a better raft so you can put all your resources and machines on it for survival. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a Raft that is suitable for chapter 3.

How to Improve Your Raft for chapter 3

Raft is all about surviving in the open ocean and discovering new islands. The new players will have to make their raft big enough to place the machines and survival equipment. The new players will start on a single wooden raft and from there, people will collect other wooden raft and leaves from the water along with other resources. Players will need to expand the raft with the building mechanic. Upgrade the base of the raft and continue to expand it wide. Make a bit longer as well and then place Net Collectors in the middle of the raft. You want to place Many Net Collectors on the raft so you can collect many resources from the water.

Once you have made your base of the raft, you can add a design to it by using the triangular blocks as well. Then you want to make a room where you can store your resources because the inventory of the character is not much so, you want to store the resources in the storage boxes. Make a couple of rooms for storage boxes and what you collect from the sea, store in the storage boxes. Then you need to make a floor on the raft. Use the pillars and put a stair so you can make a roof. Use the blocks to make a roof above the pillars. Then you can break the pillars after making the roof. You can add other textures as well if you want to make it look good. Once you made the roof, the under portion of the roof will be your room. You can place your bed there to sleep. Make sure to rest as well while you are building your raft.

Now the important things that you need to place on the raft are the Furnaces and Storage Boxes. After that, place your Receiver and Antennas on the roof. Place one receiver and three antennas and it will work perfectly fine. You can place your Sail on the roof as well. On the base of the raft, you can also place an Anchor as well by breaking one block and placing an Anchor. It will work just fine. Then around the raft, place some blocks and reinforce them. Then put two paint mills facing your way so, you can collect the paint. After that place two Purifiers for Water facing your way as well. Then after that, place your cooking station and grill your food.

How to Improve Your Raft for chapter 3

After that, you can place some crop plots on your roof or your base, whatever space you prefer. You can add medium crop plots with small crop plots. You can then add a sprinkler as well if you want to but later in the future, if you place crop plots somewhere inside a room on the raft then you need to add the sprinkler.

Then you can add details to your raft by adding different lights, lanterns, curtains, rugs, and other stuff. Just decorate it in a way you like. You’ll be ready for chapter 3 with this raft as it includes the receiver and antennas for following the directions of a location and sailing for your raft speed. Then crops and cooking station for your food. Water purifier for your thirst. A room for yourself to relax in it. Just go on an adventure and sail to an island to loot it with the resources.

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