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Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Reach the Temperance Island



Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Reach the Temperance Island

Raft’s new chapter has new content for all the players in which they can discover new locations along with all the new items. There are new Machines, Characters, Outfits, and much more. After the players have visited Varuna Point, they will get the location of Temperance Island.

In this guide, we tell you how to get to Temperance Island.

How to Get to Temperance Island

Once you have gotten to Varuna Point, you’ll have to find the Crane Key. Then use the Crane that will open the path to the next building. Use the Zipline to reach the other building and go inside the lower office in that building to retrieve the note of the other location along with other things.

Now head back to your Raft and open the note to see the Coordinates of the island. The Temperance Island coordinates are 0457. Enter the coordinates in the Receiver to select the path for the raft. Then you just have to wait for your raft to reach there. Make sure you are full-on supplies of Food and Water. Because it will take some time to reach there from Varuna Point.

Once you enter the snowy part of the water, you’ll have to control your raft to the main island. There’ll be small ice islands on the way so, you have to make your way through them to reach Temperance Island.

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