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Remnant 2 Best DPS Build



Remnant 2 - Best DPS Build

Remnant 2 is a challenging game with numerous dungeons and bosses waiting for the players in their playthrough. There is no way to take a straight path in the story as players will be continuously heading into a portal that will take them to a random area of the respective World. The area could be a dungeon or a main area where players would have to encounter themselves in several fights. Fighting against the elites and bosses can be difficult for the players who are not utilizing the skills and perks of their archetype and using better weapons or accessories. It is important to consider all of the aspects that enhance the experience of combat and the best way to do this is to build yourself a DPS Build that will shred the elites and bosses in a couple of minutes.

Want to know how to make a DPS Build in Remnant 2 then you are at the right place. We will be telling you the best archetype combination along with the required Weapons, the Weapon Mod, and the required accessories to enhance the passive bonuses to make the best DPS Build in Remnant 2.

Best DPS Build in Remnant 2

The Best DPS Build revolves around dealing the most possible damage in the fastest time possible. Dealing a high damage to the enemies is easily achievable but combining it with doing it quicker requires a bit of altering. In Remnant 2, Long Guns with the best damage possible are either single-shot guns or shoot very slowly but if players increase their fire rate with viable Weapon Mod or Skills & Perks of the archetypes then they can be pretty deadly.

Best Archetypes for Best DPS Build

To achieve the maximum fire rate along with high damage, it is best to use the following combination of Archetypes.

  • Hunter: As a Primary Archetype.
  • Gunslinger: As a Secondary Archetype.

Use the Hunter’s Shroud Skill of Hunter Archetype to gain 50% Ranged Damage. The passive bonuses gained from Hunter’s Perks increase the damage and ammo recovery, letting players go full gun-blazing in combat.

  • Deadeye: Gain 4% Ranged Damage and 1.5% Weakspot Damage.
  • Return to Sender: Kills due to Weakspot and Critical Hits increase Ammo drops by 25%.
  • Urgency: Firearms gain 15% Reload Speed after a Kill. Lasts 3s.
  • Intuition: Using a Relic extends the duration of any active Hunter Skill by 5s. Effect degrades with each subsequent use.

All of the passive bonuses will increase as players level up Hunter Archetype.

Use the Bulletstorm Skill of the Gunslinger Archetype to increase Fire Rate by 20% and Reload Speed by 50% of all ranged weapons. Not only that but all Single-Shot Guns will become fully automatic. The passive bonuses gained from Gunslinger’s Perks increase the fire rate, damage output, and ammo recovery, enhancing the gun-blazing experience even further.

  • Swift Shot: Gain 1.5% Fire Rate and 2.5% Ranged Damage.
  • Posse Up: Ammo pickups award 20% additional Ammo.
  • Quick Hands: Firearms gain 10% Reload Speed.
  • Sleight of Hands: Using a Relic reloads equipped Firearm.

All of the passive bonuses will increase as players level up Gunslinger Archetype.

Best Weapons for DPS Build

The weapons that players should consider using for DPS Build are the following.

  • Primary Weapon: Nightfall
  • Secondary Weapon: Double Barrel
  • Melee Weapon: Any

As the DPS Build is based on Ranged Weapons so, players won’t be needing any Melee Weapon. But to stay on the safe side players can use the Iron Greatsword.

The Nightfall is one of the best Long Guns in the game and its potential can be unleashed if it is used in full-automatic and it is where Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm Skill comes into play. The Nightfall comes with its own Weapon Mod, Dreadwalker. Using the Dreadwalker Weapon Mod will allow Nightfall to gain infinite Ammo, a 35% Fire Rate increase, 10% Lifesteal, and becomes fully automatic. To further increase the Ranged Damage on the Weapon, players need to equip Battery Mutator. With the Battery Mutator equipped on Nightfall, Ranged Hits increase the next weakspot Hit by 10% per stack.

Combining all of the Skills & Perks of Archetypes with the Nightfall Weapon with Battery Mutator, players will be doing an immense amount of damage in a quick repetitive fire.

Double Barrel will only be used for close encounters only. Most of the time players won’t be needing it as they will be taking out enemies from the distance with Nightfall.

Fragments and Traits for DPS Build

For the Fragments, players can use the following.

  • Solid Mod Damage
  • Ordinary Ranged Critical Chance
  • Ordinary Ranged Damage

For the Traits of this build, players can spend their Trait Points on the following Traits.

  • Longshot (Increase automatically on leveling up Hunter)
  • Ammo Reserves (Increase automatically on leveling up Gunslinger)
  • Vigor
  • Spirit
  • Expertise
  • Fitness
  • Barkskin

Accessories for DPS Build

The accessories for DPS Build contain the Amulet and Rings that will greatly enhance the passive bonus. Players can equip the following accessories for DPS Build.

  • Amulet: Ankh of Power, Grants a 15% increase to all damage. Consuming a Relic doubles the bonus for 15s.
  • Ring: Ring of Flawed Beauty, Ranged Weakspot damage is increased by 25%. Ranged damage is reduced by 15% when failing to hit a Weakspot.
  • Ring: Shard of Banded Ring, Increases Mod damage by 12%.
  • Ring: Zania’s Malice, Dealing Weakspot damage increases Weakspot damage by 10% for 7s. Stacks 3x.
  • Ring: Probability Cord, Increases Crit Damage by 30%.

All of the passive bonus combined greatly increases the total output damage of Nightfall and players will be shredding bosses in under a minute with this build.

That wraps up the Best DPS Build in Remnant 2.

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