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Resident Evil 4 Remake – Where to Find Hexagon Emblem



Hexagon Emblem

Hexagon Emblem is a key Item that is required to unlock the Red Gate in front of the Abandoned Factory. Players will get here at the beginning of the Second Chapter. In order to progress ahead to the Church, they will have to open the door for which they will be required to get the Hexagon Emblem.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Hexagon Emblem in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Finding Hexagon Emblem

Once you have made it out from the Abandoned Factory and met the Merchant, you need to make your way to the path on the right side which will take you to the valley. Jump down from the platform to reach the Valley and you will be encountered by dozens of enemies. Take out the enemies either by blowing up the red barrels to save your bullets or with the knife.

You need to go towards the South of the Valley and you will reach a house. Go up from the house by climbing the ladder and you will see a yellow barrel in a corner. Just to the side of the barrel, Hexagon Emblem will be placed on a wooden structure.

Hexagon Emblem Location

Interact with the Hexagon Emblem to pick it up and then make your way ahead on the path to reach the top of the valley. You need to interact with the Valve and turn it to open a door. Go back down to the opened door and take out the enemies to get back to the Red Gate. Now, place the Hexagon Emblem in the required position and rotate the lever to open the gate.

Now, you will have to open the gate by interacting with it and go ahead on the path to reach the Church.

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