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Rune Factory 5: Get Monsters to help on your farm



Rune Factory 5: Get Monsters to help on your farm

On the farm, you have to do daily fieldwork like watering the crops, clearing the field, and tilling the soil. At one time you’ve had so many crops and you have multiple fields to look after so doing this every day all by yourself becomes a time-waster task. You can assign your monsters in the barn to help you on the farm but you have to make them happy so that they can work on the field.

For you to have monsters help you on your farm you have to build a Barn for the monsters to stay in. In order to do that first, you have to talk to the Farm Dragon to make a Barn beside your farm. The Barn that you have built before is for the story and this one is for the monsters to help on your farm only. A barn can hold four monsters without any expansion so if you want to add more monsters, you can expand the barn.

After you have made your barn, you have to grow fodder. To grow fodder, you need fodder seeds and you can get them from the general store and each seed will cost 30g. Every day each barn will consume one stack of fodder.

Now fodder will fully grow in four days and you can harvest it. You don’t have to replant the seeds because they’ll grow again in the same place where you have harvested. Now put the harvested fodder into the fodder bin which will be beside the well on the farm Dragon. Just make sure you have a lot to make all of your monsters happy.

Now choose whatever monsters you want to keep in your barn that’ll help you on your farm. Invite them to follow you and go outside on the field and give an item that they like to every monster. It will make them happier and friendship level of them will increase which is basically you want to increase in order for them to work on your farm.

Now one thing more that you can do is brush them daily for 15 times. It also makes them very happy and increases their friendship level. You can also get a brush from the general store.

Once you’ve done all of these steps, you’ll be on a required friendship level for you to make them work on your farm. Now to check it just go and talk to the monster and you’ll see an Assign Field Chores option. Just choose it and you can give them different fieldwork. Like water crops, clear the field, and much more. It’ll make it very easy for you to handle multiple fields and help you farm more crops.

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