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Rune Factory 5: What is the Greeting Spell?



Rune Factory 5: What is the Greeting Spell?

Rune Factory 5 has an element of magic as well in its open-world sandbox RPG. You will get and can use different spells and magics throughout the game. Magic is mostly used in combat to fight off Monsters and enemies. But there are also healing magic and spells as well. Just like the Greeting spell, which is nothing related to combat but is a helpful item if you’re more into exploring the Rigbarth town and socializing with its town people.

Use of Greeting Spell

You will receive the Greeting Spell from completing a quest. You can equip the Greeting spell in your inventory and use it around the town of Rigbarth. To equip go in inventory and you can equip it two of your slots X and Y, equip into your desired slot and you’re good to go. Greeting Spell is used to make other NPC characters like you and greet you, just like in the name they will greet you. You can use your spell on anybody and they will greet you, even if they hated you at first, they will greet you.

Greeting Spell Boost

When you use the Greeting spell on any NPC character it will also increase the Friendship or Love points if you’re doing on Marriage candidate. This will boost the points by 5 percent. You can do this once every day on every character to boost your friendship or love points. Even if the NPC’s of the Rigbarth Town hate you, you can also use the spell on them and they will be calm a musical note will appear on them and they will greet you.

Greeting Spell Boost

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