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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened – How to Reconstruct the Past Using Imagination



Create Past

There are various mechanics in the new Sherlock Holmes the Awakened that players will have to learn in order to solve the mysteries and crimes more easily. One of the main mechanics in the game is reconstructing the past using the imagination. However, in order to reconstruct the past, players will have to get all the necessary pieces of evidence and then select the correct scenarios for the Scenes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to reconstruct the past using imagination in Sherlock Holmes the Awakened.

Gather Evidence

The evidence is your main tool in the game. You will not be able to advance in any investigation nor build a past using the imagination without the evidence. Once you get to a crime scene in any chapter, you will get the hint of creating the past using the imagination to learn what exactly happened at the crime scene.

You will have to search the crime scene thoroughly and look for the green circles. The Green Circles can be observed to find the minor details at the point where you find evidence. Use the concentration by pressing the Q Button to find minor details. Once you have gathered all the evidence, you will unlock the Scene of the particular area.

Concentrate on Green Circles

Unlock Scenarios to Make Proper Scene

There can be more than one Scenes at the Crime Spot so, you will have to concentrate on the investigation in all of the areas to find more Scenes. The Scenes can be seen on the top of the screen and it will also tell you how many it requires to build the accurate past. So, find all of the scenes and then you will see small orbs on each scene.

These orbs are the Scenarios and you need to select the right Scenario for the scene to make sense of the past. If you haven’t unlocked the scenarios, then you might have to talk to a nearby person and provide him with evidence to learn more about the Crime/Situation. After that, you will have to go around the crime scene and change the scenarios of the scene to see what fits the best.

Set Scenarios

If you have chosen a wrong scenario, the game will mark it with a red sign. So, change the scenario number and see if it fits best. When all of the scenarios of the scenes are correct, you will get the “Validate” option. Hold down the validate option to successfully create the past using your imagination and it will give you the lead in the investigation.

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