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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened – How to Solve ‘Where is Kimihia?’ Puzzle




Progressing in the case of missing Kimihia, you will get to Port of London where you will meet the suspect named “Roy Solsby” and learn that there is someone else who has been kidnapping people in disguise of Roy Solsby. After learning about a person named “Dirty Sommers”, you will unlock a new puzzle in Mind Palace named “Where is Kimihia?” that you need to solve in order to progress ahead in the story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the ‘Where is Kimihia?’ puzzle in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.

Where is Kimihia – Puzzle Solution

In order to solve the “Where is Kimihia?” puzzle, you will have to gather the following pieces of evidence.

  • Roy Solsby’s Testimony
  • Invoice for Sailcloth
  • Hiring Notice

You will have to update Roy Solsby’s Testimony by confronting Roy Solsby himself and the Barmaid of the Pub. Both of the characters will be hiding more information from you so, you will have to confront both of them. Before you get to confront them, you will have to solve the “Who Abducted Kimihia?” puzzle as well. To learn how to confront them, you can view our Walkthrough for the Second Chapter.

After you have confronted Roy Solsby and the Barmaid, you will get a key item named “Rusty Key”. Barmaid will give you the key and you will be able to open the private room of the pub. Go inside the room and search the room to find the “Invoice for Sailcloth” and “Hiring Notice” evidence.

Once you have gathered all of the evidence, go to the Mind Palace in the main menu and select the “Where is Kimihia?” puzzle. Interlink the following evidence with the Black Circles to solve the puzzle.

  • Roy Solsby’s Testimony
  • Invoice for Sailcloth
  • Hiring Notice
Mind Palace Puzzle

After solving the puzzle, you will get the “Kimihia’s Whereabouts” evidence.

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