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Skull and Bones: How to Get the Crowbar



Skull and Bones - Crowbar

Finding your way through the wrecks of the ships and salvaging on various islands will often require you to use a crowbar. It is one of the early tools in the game that players cannot miss during the starting sequence and is needed to aboard the Exeter wreck.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones.

How to Get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones

The Crowbar is rewarded to players by completing the Pirate Chief Officer’s contract ‘A Pirate’s Deal’. Players will find the Pirate Chief Officer on the West Island which is the first destination of the game that players will reach after the opening scene of the game and creating the character. Upon reaching the West Island, speak with the Pirate Chief Officer and he will ask you to recover Scurlock’s contraband which includes the following.

  • 6x Explosive Firearms
  • 6x Opulent Rum

Both of these contrabands are collected by going to the shipwreck just northeast of the west island. Set sail on your ship and sail over the contrabands to gather all the required items. Once you have gathered the contrabands, return to the Pirate Chief Officer to deliver the contrabands and complete the contract.

Completing the contract will reward players with the following items.

  • 2x Planks
  • 2x Fish
  • Crowbar

Now, players will be able to search the Exeter wreck by using the Crowbar. Go near the shipwreck to get the prompt for using the crowbar and then complete the minigame to enter the Exeter to find the information on how to reach Saint-Anne.

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