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Slime Ranchers 2: How Fast Travelling Works



Slime Ranchers 2: How Fast Travelling Works

In Slime Ranchers 2, you’d have to go to different areas to gather the resources and slimes of the other areas. As it takes some time to travel to other areas and after gathering the resources and slimes you’d have to come back to your base and it’ll also take some time to come back. But there is a way to fast travel directly back to your base which will save you a lot of time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can fast-travel to your base in Slime Ranchers 2.

Fast Travelling

In order to fast-travel in Slime Ranchers 2, you’d have to make a Gadget in your Fabricator which will let you come back to your base. Keep in mind that the gadget will only be used to get back to the base, you cannot travel back to the other area. So, it means that this gadget will only do 1 way fast traveling. The name of the gadget that you want to make is the Yellow Home Portal. But first, you’d need to get the Blueprint of the Yellow Home Portal in order to make it in the Fabricator.

To get the Blueprint, you need to head upstairs to your base and you need to access the machine that is used to talk to other characters of the game. Every time you talk to a person, they will give you a Blueprint. Access the machine and if you see an exclamation sign on a character, talk to the character and you’ll get the Blueprint for Yellow Home Portal. You can get this Portal from the beginning of the game as well. You just have to talk to the characters that have exclamation signs on them.

Slime Ranchers 2: How Fast Travelling Works

Once you’ve gotten the Blueprint, go downstairs and access the Fabricator and go to the Warp Tech category. You’ll see the Yellow Home Portal requirements to make the gadget. You’ll need the following requirements to make the Yellow Home Portal.

  • 250 Newbucks
  • 10x Cotton Plort
  • 10x Jellystone
  • 10x Deep Brine

Before you get these requirements, you should also have the Resource Harvester upgrade. If you haven’t upgraded it then you would need to upgrade it to get the resources. After that, head out from the Conservatory and go to the right side. Go down the path and you’ll see water showers in the area. Use your weapon on the water shower and you’ll get the Deep Brine. For the Jellystones, you need to look for a rock that has purple orbs on it. Use the weapon on it to get the Jellystone. You can get the Cotton Plorts by feeding the Cotton Slimes.

Once you’ve all of the requirements, use the Fabricator and make the Yellow Home Portal. Once you’ve made the portal, you can place it by going into the Gadget Mode or pressing T but don’t place it near your base or in your base because it would be useless near your base. Place it in a far area where you usually go to farm the resources. Place it on the ground and then step on it to come back to your base. You can make this portal as much as you like and then place them in all of the areas so, you can quickly get to your base after farming the resources in the area.

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