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Slime Ranchers 2: Where to Find Moondew Nectar



Slime Ranchers 2: Where to Find Moondew Nectar

There are different types of food that you need to collect for the slimes. Slimes have their favorite food and giving them their favorite food will get you more Plort pieces which will make you more Newbucks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Moondew Nectar in Slime Ranchers 2.

Finding Moondew Nectar

Moondew is a Nectar food type that is very rare and it can only be found in a specific area. Once you have made your way to the Starlight Strand area, you’ll start finding the Flutter Slimes. Flutter Slimes’ favorite food is Moondew Nectar and you’ll only find this food from a specific Flower in the area. These are White Flowers with a Purple Blue center. These Flowers do not grow on the ground but you’ll find them grown on the Rocks and boulders. Go on top of the Rocks and Boulders to find these flowers and if you see the Bright Blue Ball inside the flower. Pick it up because it’ll be the Moondew Nectar.

Now, these flowers do not generate the Moondew Nectar regularly but these flowers only generate 1 Moondew Nectar in one night so, you’ll only get 1 Moondew Nectar from 1 flower. That is not it, it is also time-limited as well. You can only find Moondew Nectar at night time. So, you want to go to Starlight Strand in the Night around 20:00 and start looking for the Moondew Nectars on the flowers. If you don’t find them on the flowers then look on the ground to find Moondew Nectars as they fall down from the flowers once they are fully grown.

Slime Ranchers 2: Where to Find Moondew Nectar

Pick up as many Moondew Nectars as you can find in one night and then come back again on the next night to find more in the same location. You’ll easily find these flowers near the Teleporter so, start looking on the ground first and then go on the boulders to check the flowers if they have Moondew Nectar on them.

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