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Slime Ranchers 2: Where to Find Radiant Ore



Slime Ranchers 2: Where to Find Radiant Ore

There are various resources that you’ll find in Slime ranchers 2 and most of them are required for your upgrades. One of the resources that you get to find a bit later in the game is Radiant Ore.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Radiant Ores in Slime Ranchers 2.

Slime Ranchers 2: Where to Find Radiant Ore

Finding Radiant Ore

Radiant Ores are found in the new areas of the game that you have to unlock by going through the Teleporters. One of the new areas that you can unlock early in the game is Ember Valley for which you have to activate the Rainbow Teleporter and it’ll make a path for you to access the teleporter and travel to Ember Valley.

Radiant Ore is mostly spawned in the caves and you can find them in the caves in the Ember Valley area. Radiant Ore looks like a rock but it is a bit shiny, so, if you see anything that looks like rock and it is shining then use your weapon to get the Radiant Ores from the caves of Ember Valley.

Radiant Ores can also be found on Rainbow Island which you’ll unlock later in the game. It is another Island on the West side of the map. You’ll be able to find more Radiant Ore in Rainbow Island as it can be found outside of the caves as well.

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