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Slime Ranchers 2: How to Unlock Ember Valley



Slime Ranchers 2: How to Unlock Ember Valley

Slime Ranchers 2 is a life simulation adventure game in which you’ll collect different types of Slimes that can be found in different areas on the map and use your Refinery and Corrals to feed the Slimes. At the start of the game, you’ll only have access to Rainbow Fields and The Conservatory in which you can find Pink Slimes and limited resources.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Ember Valley in Slime Ranchers 2.

Unlocking Ember Valley

Ember Valley can be accessed through a Rainbow teleport which is hidden behind large stones and you cannot access the Teleport without removing the Stones. In order to remove the stones, you’ll have to find Pink Gordo. Pink Gordo is a big Pink Slime that you have to feed. Pink Gordo diet is the same as the Pink Slimes, it can eat any fruit, veggie, and meat. So, if you find any fruits, veggies, chicken, or any meat, pick them up.

You can find Pink Gordo in the Rainbow Fields area. If you head straight from the Conservatory and go a bit left, you’ll find Pink Gordo. You need to feed Pin Gordo to a point where it explodes. When Pink Gordo explodes, it’ll drop a lot of Pink Slimes and other resources. Pick all of them and you’ll notice the pressure of the water coming from its position. Stand on the location of Pink Gordo and the water will take you to a new platform from where you’ll be able to trigger a Teleporter.

Slime Ranchers 2: How to Unlock Ember Valley

By activating the Teleporter, the stones will come down and the Rainbow teleporter will be activated. Go to the unlocked location and use the teleporter to go to Ember Valley. Ember Valley will have a lot of new Slimes that you can collect and new resources that you might want to get for the upgrades.

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