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Potion Permit: Clearing the Landslide Quest – Walkthrough



Potion Permit: Clearing the Landslide Quest - Walkthrough

To gather the resources, you’d have to go to the Meadow Range but you’ll have only access to a limited area because a landslide is blocking your way to another side of the area where you can find more resources. Forest and Bubble will be talking about clearing the landscape so they can get access to the other side of the area. You’ll be given a quest named “Clearing the Landslide” in which you have to get a Strong Fishing Net along with the supplies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Clearing the Landslide quest in Potion Permit.

Clearing the Landslide Quest

For the first objective of the quest, you need to go to Lazy Bowl Tavern. When you get to Lazy Bowl Tavern, you’ll meet Runeheart and Osman. They’ll tell you about the Fishing Nets that they got from the Primerose Sail. After talking to them, you need to go to Primerose Sail which is on the Northwest side. There’ll be a Boat on the shore which is the Primerose Sail. Go inside the Boat and you’ll meet Leano. Leano will tell you that she has run out of the Fishing Nets but maybe Ottmar has one. Ottmar is on the first floor of Primerose Sail.

Go up the stairs and talk to Ottmar. Ottmar will have only 1 fishing net left and he’ll not sell it. He’ll tell you to get some things and then he’ll trade the fishing net to you. You need to get the following items for Ottmar.

  • 3x Honey
  • 5x Basil
  • 5x Mushroom

Go to the forest area and you’ll find plenty of Mushrooms there. Chop the mushrooms with your sword to get them. Basil can be gotten from a bush with orange spots on it. Chop the bush with the sword to get it. For the Honey, you can get it by killing the Bear in the forest. If you see a bear, kill the bear with the sword and it will drop honey. You’ll need to kill 3 bears in total to get 3x Honey.

After getting all of the items, go to Primerose Sail 1st Floor and give the items to Ottmar. Ottmar will give you the Fishing Net and the quest will be completed.

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