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Potion Permit: Xiao’s Request Walkthrough



Potion Permit: Xiao’s Request Walkthrough

You’ve been befriended by Forrest and she has another job for you. She wants you to meet Xiao in the town hall. She will show you how the town hall looks but you don’t have to worry the quest waypoint will be shown in the mini-map to provide you with the exact location for the town hall.

In this guide, we will cover Xiao’s Request quest. You’ve to go to the town hall for the quest’s start between 8:00 to 15:00.

Xiao’s Request

You have to go in the town hall and cutscene will trigger where you will meet Xiao and he will tell you that congratulations for passing the first test and he will introduce you to Runeheart. Xiao will take Runeheart and you to fix the machine and Runeheart will fix the machine. Xiao will ready the Cauldron for you to work on your new potions.

Now, you will be introduced to the crafting in the game. Xiao will want you to create two potions for him. You’ve to craft Neutralizing Herbal Balm and Wound Cleanser. Crafting in Potion Permit has different types of elements like earth, water, wind and fire. These four components can be mixed to craft different potions.

Wound Cleanser

First, we will be crafting Wound Cleanser. For crafting there will be a shape in Cauldron and you’ve to make that shape using the materials and herbs in your inventory. When you complete the shape you will be able to craft the item you’re looking for.

Potion Permit: Xiao’s Request Walkthrough

For Wound Cleanser, you will need two water materials two daisies and you have to use leaves from the wind. You’ve to put them in the according as shown in the image. You will be able to make the Wound Cleanser.

Neutralizing Herbal Balm

Next, you’ve to craft Neutralizing Herbal Balm. The shape for the Neutralizing Herbal Balm is a bit complex and different and requires more materials to craft. You would need stone which is in Earth and Daisy from Water. Dirt from the Earth and lastly another Daisy. You have to add them in the shown order and you’re good to go.

Potion Permit: Xiao’s Request Walkthrough

After you’ve crafted both potions, you’ve to get back to the townhall and talk to Xiao and give him the potions. He will tell you that there haven’t been more accidents since last time and that he is happy that you’ve crafted the potions. He will ask you to continue tomorrow and the quest will be completed.

Potion Permit: Xiao’s Request Walkthrough

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