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Potion Permit: The First Task – Walkthrough



Potion Permit: The First Task – Walkthrough

Potion Permit is the new life-Sim RPG with Potions. You’re playing as a chemist. You have to take care of the residents of your town and farm different items in the world outside the town of Moonbury. There is a different monster that you will be fighting which will give you different items.

In this guide, we are going to cover the First walkthrough for the Potion Permit called The First Task.

The First Task

You have to go to the Meadows Range outside the town, for the first objective of the quest called The First Task. After you’ve reached the location by following the marker on the map shown on the top right of the screen you will reach the meadows.

When you will reach the objective, you will meet a girl there called Forrest. She will give you a tool as a welcome gift and will ask you to gather some herbs for the Forrest and that when you will find them you’ve to get the herbs back to her in her cottage.

You’ve to find Three different herbs for Forrest. You’ve to find Basil, Jasmine, and Daisy. After the cutscene with Forrest, you will be in the meadows looking for the flowers for her. You will find the red flower near the area you’re standing, you’ve to go near it and press E to take out your sickle and press left click to use it there will be a green bar on the flower when you hit it for its health after you’ve taken out the health, you will receive a daisy. You can also press I to open your inventory to check if you’ve received the flower.

Potion Permit: The First Task – Walkthrough

You can also, see an icon for Flower on the mini-map on the top right to help you find the flowers if you’re having problems finding them. You’ve to collect three for each of the herbs and flowers.

Now, for the Basil, you will find a Bush with yellow outlines. You can also see an icon for the basil on the mini-map as well. Use your sickle and hit the bush till it destroys to get yourself a Basil. You’ve to get three Basil and they will be close by to the area where you find one. Collect three Basils and you’re good to go.

Potion Permit: The First Task – Walkthrough

Lastly, you’ve to find Jasmine. There will be a bush with white flowers on it. You’ve to get near it and use your sickle to remove the bush and get yourself after the green health bar ends, you will receive Jasmine. You’ve to get three Jasmine and you’re good to go.

Potion Permit: The First Task – Walkthrough

After you’ve collected all the herbs and flowers. You’ve to go to the Ranger Post between 10:00 to 20:00. You will meet Forrest there and you will give them all the herbs asked by her and she will be surprised and the quest will be completed.

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