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Potion Permit: Potions Guide



Potion Permit: Potions Guide

Your character is a Chemist that has come to a town named Moonbury and wants to help citizens of the town that need help. Your character is firmly welcomed by the Mayor of Moonbury named Myer after curing his daughter named Rue.

In this guide, we’ll tell you why you need Potions and how can you make potions in Potion Permit.

Why Potions are Needed?

Your character is a Chemist and his work is to brew potions and cure the diseases that a patient is going through. You’ll have your own house in which you have your Potion-making machine. Potions are mainly used to cure the disease and there’ll be a clinic near your house in which the ill residents of the town will be admitted. You can check them and diagnose them to see what disease they have and then you can make a potion for that disease.

What Potions are Made of?

Potions are made with different ingredients that you can find in the woods of Ranged Meadow. You need to cut down the plants, leaves, and other resources. You’ll also need to defeat the monsters of the woods to get the items that they drop. You’d need to collect the ingredients in high quantity so, you have plenty of them to make enough potions for the diseases. The ingredients that you gathered will be reset after you go to sleep in your house and when you go back to the forest the next day, you can gather all the resources and ingredients again.

How to make Potions?

Potions are made of the ingredients that you can get from the woods of Moonbury. After getting the ingredients, you need to come back to your house and access the Potion-Brewing machine. You’ll see the list of the Potions for which you have the recipe. The other Potions will be shown with “?????” because you haven’t figured out the recipe for those potions. After selecting a Potion for which you have the recipe, you’ll see a Shape or Diagram in your Cauldron and you need to fill the shape with the ingredients. Every ingredient has its own specific shape and you need to combine them all to fill the shape in the Cauldron. Once the shape is filled with the ingredients, start brewing and your potion will be made.

After that, whenever you see a patient in the clinic, you can cure them with a Potion or make one for them and then cure them.

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