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Potion Permit: Myer’s Daughter Quest – Walkthrough



Potion Permit: Myer’s Daughter Quest – Walkthrough

After some spending time in the town, Myer will come to your house and tell you that he has taken her daughter to the Clinic and that he needs our help to cure Rue. You’ll be given a quest named “Myer’s Daughter” in which you have to cure Rue.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Myer’s Daughter quest in Potion Permit.

Myer’s Daughter Quest

Myer will take us to the Clinic and Matheo will be in the clinic who is Moonbury’s Witch Doctor. He’ll be trying to cure Rue but his spells will not be working on Rue and Myer will ask for your help to cure Rue. You’ll be taken into a Diagnosis Screen in which you have to diagnose the complaints of the patient. Rue’s complaint is that her Neck feels weird.

Progressing on the diagnosis will start a mini-game in which you have to press the keys on the screen when they appear in the box. Press the buttons to raise the satisfactory level of the patient and then you’ll be able to figure out the disease.

Rue will have Sunworm symptoms and you’ll have to craft a cure for this symptom. You’ll need to craft 1 Moonbrine. Moonbrine will be crafted with 1 Fire, 1 Water, 1 Wind, and 1 Earth ingredient. Go to your house and access your Potion-making machine. Add 1 Fire ingredient at the bottom right then add 1 Water ingredient on the bottom. Add Wind and Earth Ingredients on the top to make Moonbrine Potion that’ll cure Sunworms.

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