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Potion Permit: Getting To Know You Quest – Walkthrough



Potion Permit: Getting To Know You Quest – Walkthrough

After curing Myer’s daughter, Xiao will come to your place and take you to Myer’s office to discuss something with you. Myer will be grateful to you for curing her daughter and telling other citizens that we need knowledge about the diseases to prevent them from spreading in the town. Myer will give you a quest named “Getting to Know You” in which you have to introduce yourself to the citizens of the town.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Getting to Know You quest in Potion Permit.

Getting to Know You Quest

Myer will tell you to introduce yourself in the town so, people get to know you better and about your work. You’ll need to introduce yourself to 10 citizens of Moonbury. To start off the introduction of yourself as a chemist to the citizens, talk to Myer again and your 1st introduction will be marked.

Go down the Stairs and introduce yourself to Xiao. Go out of the Townhall and if you find someone on the road, talk and introduce yourself to them because it will count. Go to the Lazy Bowl Tavern place and introduce yourself to Yorn. Go to the 1st floor of the Tavern and go inside the first room and introduce yourself to Martha. Go down the stairs and head down to Arcade Center. Introduce yourself to Helene. Go out of the Tavern and if you see someone on the street, introduce yourself to them. Go left and cross the river. You’ll find Victor on the bridge. Introduce yourself to him. Then go ahead and take a left and you’ll see Opalheart the Blacksmith. Introduce yourself to her and there’ll also be Runeheart near Opalheart. Introduce yourself to her as well.

Potion Permit: Getting To Know You Quest – Walkthrough

After introducing yourself to 10 people in Moonbury, you’ll get the next objective in which you have to go to Town Hall and meet Myer on the 1st floor between 8:00 – 15:00. Go to the Town Hall between the mentioned time and meet Myer. Myer will tell you an old secret about the town and then give you an Approval Badge as a reward that will help you explore more of Moonbury.

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