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Sonic Frontiers: Fishing Guide



Sonic Frontiers: Fishing Guide

Sonic Frontiers has different types of challenges on the Islands that players can complete and one of the very useful challenges is Fishing. Players can do Fish challenges as well in Sonic Frontiers and get rewards for collecting different types of fish.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can fish in Sonic Frontiers.


Sonic Frontiers has a bit of a different mechanic for fishing. Unlike other games, you’ll be catching fish in a Mini-Game of fishing which is given by an NPC named Big on the fishing locations. The fishing locations are indicated on the map with a fish icon but at the early stage, you won’t be able to see these fish icons because you’ll have to solve open zone mission puzzles.

These are like the portals but you’ll not be to fast travel with these portals to any other portal instead it will take you to the serene lake with a purple cat named Big carrying a fishing rod. You get to interact with Big and he will let you use his extra Fishing Rod for 1 Purple Coin. It means if you want to take part in the Fishing Mini-Game, you got to have Purple Coins. As you complete the mini-games, the next challenges will cost more Purple Coins so if you are wondering where to get the Purple Coins then you can check our guide on it.

After having some Purple Coins, you can go to the fishing location and take part in the fishing Mini-Game. The actual fishing mechanic is pretty basic. You need to cast your line by pressing the action button. Once the bait is in the water, you’ll see a red circle and a white circle which is gradually increases. To catch the fish, you need to press the action button again when the white lines are on the red lines in the water. If the white circle lines haven’t reached the red circle lines then you won’t be able to catch the fish.

Sonic Frontiers: Fishing Guide

You can also sell the fish to Big for tokens as well as you can buy some useful collectibles from Purple coins. You can also redeem some exclusive items as well with the Golden Ticket which can also be found by fishing in the Mini-Game.

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