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Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Vault Keys



Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Vault Keys

Sonic Frontiers has different types of collectibles and one of the most important collectibles is the Vault Key because it is mainly needed for the progression of the game. Players will need to get a number of Vault keys at the start of the game to progress ahead in the game and without the Vault Keys, they won’t be able to go to other Islands and get stuck on the early Island.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Vault Keys in Sonic Frontiers.

Getting Vault Keys

When players start the new game, they’ll be on an Island named Kronos Island on which they get the objective to help Amy. After saving Amy and completing a few main objectives, ultimately, you’ll be required to get Vault Keys for further progression in the story. Some people will find it a bit clueless because they get to search for the Vault Keys on the whole Island which can be a bit annoying because they don’t know where to find the Vault Keys. If you are stuck on that point and looking for Vault Keys then you don’t need to worry because Vault Keys can be obtained by doing various things in the game and we’ll explain all of them to you so you can get the Vault Keys from the things that you find most easy.

  • Killing Enemies
    • You’ll run into many different enemies in Sonic Frontiers and you’ll be able to take them out with your abilities. Killing the enemies will get you different sorts of collectibles and rings. However, there is a spawn rate of Vault Keys by killing the enemies as well, and if you kill the enemies make sure to loot all of them because you can get Vault Keys from them as well.
  • Cyberspace Stages
    • Cyberspace is the mini-game challenge that you can complete to get Vault Keys as a reward. These mini-games are spread through all of the Islands in the game and you’ll find four different types of mini-games on Kronos Island as well. You can complete all of these four mini-games to obtain Vault Keys. The four mini-games that you’ll find in Kronos Island are the following.
Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Vault Keys
  • You need to find all Red Star Rings.
  • You need to clear the mini-game with X Rings.
  • You need to clear the mini-game with
  • You need to reach the mini-game’s goal.

On completion of each mini-game, you’ll get one Vault Key meaning, if you complete all four of Cyberspace mini-games, you’ll end up with 4 Vault Keys in total.

Getting Buried Treasures

As you explore the Islands, you’ll also see the Blue Chests icons in different places. These blue icons above the ground are the Buried Treasures. These treasures can be dug by using a Cyloop ability. You just need to run around the icon of the Buried Treasure and it will make an explosion and all of the collectibles inside the treasure will come out. Just run on them to collect all of them. Buried Treasures will give you all kinds of collectibles as well as the Vault Keys. So make sure, if you see any blue icon while you are crossing by an area, loot the chest.

Buy Vault Keys

You can also buy the Vault Keys from Big. Big is a Purple Cat that you’ll find on the Fishing Spot. You’ll need to take part in the mini-game of fishing and whatever you catch from fishing can be traded to Big and you can get Vault Keys from him. But you must have enough points for the trade to be possible. One Vault Key costs 15 points so make sure to catch something big or enough fish to have 15 points available then you’ll be able to get the Vault Key from Big.

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