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Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Purple Coins



Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Purple Coins

Sonic Frontiers has various collectibles that players can gather throughout their gameplay and get different useful items by trading them as well. There are different collectibles and one of the most important collectibles is the Purple Coin.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers.

Getting Purple Coins

Purple Coins are the collectibles that players will find in the game and they can be used at Big’s fishing location to take part in his mini-game of fishing. Whatever you catch in the mini-game, you can then trade it to Big for other useful collectibles, experience, and much more. However, you cannot get to start the mini-game without the Purple Coins so let’s talk about how to get these Purple Coins.

Purple Coins can be gathered in two ways. Either you can find them scattered throughout the Islands of the game or you can get them during the Starfall Events at night. Both of these methods will get you Purple Coins but the more effective one is the Starfall Event.

The first method of getting the Purple Coins will let you go through almost every point of every Island because their spawn rate is random and maybe you’ll find them on the ground or maybe you’ll find them up in the sky for which you have to go through different structures to reach it. This method can be very beneficial for you as you’ll also be able to find other hidden collectibles as well. You can find buried treasures on the Island from which you can get various collectibles at one time. But you do have to search very big Islands for these coins to take part in Big’s Mini-Games.

You’ll be able to get Purple Coins during the Starfall Events which only happens when Night-Time comes. You will have to use the Slot Machine which will drop the items that you got by spinning the wheel. Whatever you win by spinning the wheel, you’ll get in high quantity. If you are able to stop the wheel at identical symbols then you’ll be able to win large amounts of Purple Coins at once. As the wheel is spinning, you’ll be able to stop the wheel by pressing the Up button and you’ll get the items according to the matching symbols on the machine.

The Starfall Events happen after every few nights so you do have to wait for the event and the days are quite long in the game so you’ll have to wait for the events for a while but the good thing is that you can search the Island on your own to look for the Purple Coins until the Starfall Event starts again.

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