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Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Buried Treasures



Sonic Frontiers: How to Get Buried Treasures

Sonic Frontiers is an action-adventure game that place in the Starfall Islands. Sonic will explore different islands in the Starfall Islands world with his friends. There are many different items you get to collect throughout the game and as you explore the different islands, you’ll see some buried treasures in the areas. You can open these treasures with a trick to get different collectibles from the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Buried Treasures in Sonic Frontiers.

Getting Buried Treasures

You’ll go through five different Islands in the game and get coins and collectibles throughout your exploration on the islands and one of the things that you’ll notice in many areas are the buried treasures. The Buried Treasures are shown with Blue Icon above any ground or floor in the area and you cannot simply interact with it to open the treasure. You’ll have to do a trick to open the buried treasure to get whatever is inside it.

In order to open the buried treasure, the easiest way is to activate Cycloop’s ability and run around the buried treasure icon. When you complete the loop, an explosion will occur which reveals the items inside the treasure as well as extra rings and seeds, etc. Mostly the Treasures will drop the following items.

  • Rings
  • Memory Tokens
  • Red Seeds
  • Blue Seeds
  • Skill Pieces

All of these collectibles and currencies can be gathered from the Buried Treasures so make sure to open these treasures when you notice them in the area that you are passing through. As all of the collectibles will give you different advantages and upgrades so don’t overlook them. The upgrades are essential for the boss fights as they’ll give you more strength and stamina which will make boss fights easier for you.

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