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Starfield: The Empty Nest – Walkthrough



Starfield: The Empty Nest

The Empty Nest is the third main mission in Starfield that players will get to complete after completing the The Old Neighborhood mission. We will be covering all the objectives of The Empty Nest mission in this guide to help you with each step of the main quest.

The Empty Nest – Walkthrough

After completing the Old Neighborhood mission, three new main missions will unlock from which you can select to complete the Empty Nest by talking to Sam Coe at the Lodge.

Talk to Sam Coe

Go to the Lodge and locate Sam Coe to talk to him. Agree with him to go to Akila City as he has a lead on the next piece of the Artifact.

Go to Akila City

After talking to Sam Coe, you will have to travel to the Cheyenne System to reach Akila City. If you haven’t explored Cheyenne yet, you will first have to travel to Olympus System and from there you will have to travel to Cheyenne. Once you are in the Cheyenne System, open the Spacemap again, scan the Akila Planet, and select the Akila City to land.

Talk to Sam

After landing at Akila City spaceport, talk to Sam to learn about the maps.

Go to the Galbank Vault

Go inside Akila City and the Galbank will be on your right. As you get to the bank, you will witness a robbery going on in the bank and the robbers have taken hostages inside the bank. Talk to Marshal to learn about the situation and there will be two ways for you to handle the situation. You can either persuade the robbers to come out and free the hostages or you can go through the back door to eliminate the robbers and free the hostages.

Talk to the Bank Robber Leader to start the persuasion. Passing the persuasion check will open the main door to the bank and you will get access to the bank. However, if you fail the persuasion check, go back to Marshal to get the key for the back door of the bank. Go inside the bank and eliminate the robbers to free the hostages. In both cases, it will complete the “Job Gone Wrong” side mission and you will be able to go to Galbank’s Vault.

Search for the Maps

As you reach the vault, Sam will give you a spare key for the locker. Go to the end of the vault and search the lower row of lockers to open a storage locker. Unfortunately, there will be no maps inside the storage locker.

Talk to Sam

After looting the storage locker, talk to Sam and persuade him to talk to Jacob (Sam’s Dad). Pass the Persuade check by simply selecting the dialog with a green symbol to successfully persuade Sam.

Talk to Jacob

Follow the waypoint marker on your compass to locate Jacob who will be inside his house. Let Sam and Jacob talk first and once they are done talking, talk to Jacob to try and convince him to get the maps. No matter which dialog you select, Jacob will not give up the maps.

Talk to Sam

Sam will tell you to talk to him in private and here you can plan a strategy to get the maps from Jacob. You can either persuade Jacob to give up the maps or you can steal the maps without Jacob knowing it.

Talk to Jacob

Now, when you talk to Jacob, you will be able to select the method through which you want to get the maps. Select the Persuade option to persuade Jacob or select the Distraction option to let Sam distract Jacob and search the house for the maps. Persuading Jacob is easy as he only cares about Solomon’s legacy. Select Solomon’s work option and Sam to successfully persuade Jacob.

Get the Maps

Once you have persuaded Jacob, he will give you the key to his office. Open Jacob’s Office door and grab the maps from the cabinets. After getting the maps, talk to Sam to learn about the location of the Empty Nest.

Travel to The Empty Nest

Go out of Jacob’s home and open the Spacemap to select the Empty Nest location on Planet Akila to travel there. Once you have reached the Empty Nest location, take out Shaw’s Gang and enter the cavern site.

Get the Artifact

The cavern area will have more enemies inside it so, make sure to clear the cavern areas from the enemies and go ahead in the cavern area to find the Artifact. Simply, go along the cavern path to reach the Artifact’s location and use the cutter to break free the artifact to grab it. After getting the artifact, leave the hideout.

Deal With Shaw

As you come out of the cavern site, Shaw will encounter you and will have to deal with Shaw. You can either persuade her to go without harm or you can kill her and her guards. If you decide to persuade Shaw and pass in it, you will have to defeat Ashta creatures to protect Shaw. If you decide to kill Shaw, then it is optional to kill Ashta creatures.

Return to the Lodge

Once you have dealt with Shaw, open the Spacemap and travel back to the Lodge location on Planet Jemison. After reaching the lodge, enter the old library and place the Artifact piece in the middle. Wait for Sam to finish talking and talk to him for the last time to conclude the quest.


Completing the Empty Nest mission earns the following rewards.

  • Unlock Sam Coe as a Crew Member.
  • 350 XP
  • 7,200 Credits
  • Modified Calibrated Rattler Weapon
  • .27 Caliber (30) Ammo

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