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Starfield: How to Get Iron



Starfield: Iron

Crafting structures and different crafting stations on your outpost will cost you a lot of various kinds of minerals and resources but the one mineral that will used frequently in crafting is Iron. Iron is one of the most common resources in Starfield that can be found on tens of Planets in Starfield but players will still have to retrieve it to use in crafting.

Looking to know how you can get Iron in Starfield, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you in getting Iron in Starfield.

How to Get Iron in Starfield

Iron can be obtained from four different methods in Starfield.

  • Destroy Asteroids in space with Ship’s Weapons.
  • Mine Iron from various Planets with a Cutter.
  • Extract Iron from a Planet using Extractors.
  • Buy Iron from the vendors.

There are various Asteroid fields in space that you can find flying to different Solar Systems. Little do you know that you can destroy the Asteroids with your ship’s weapons to obtain a couple of iron ores from each Asteroid. One of the early Solar Systems that you can visit to find an Asteroid field is the Wolf System. If you travel to Etherea Planet in the Wolf System, you will witness an Asteroid field that you can destroy to get tons of iron quickly in the game.

Initially, you will have to get Iron yourself by mining it from the Iron Veins on various planets. There are several planets that you can visit early in the game to find Iron (Fe) resources on them. To view the available resources on the planets, open the Spacemap and start scanning the Planets in your surroundings to view the available resources. Once you have located Iron (Fe), fly and land on the planet to mine the Iron with your cutter.

You can place down your Outpost Beacon to place an Extractor on one of the planets to extract tons of Iron. Use your scanner to find Iron that is beneath the ground. After that, build and place the extractor to get your small factory running to get Iron that you can use for building other useful structures for your outpost.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to venture onto planets and set up machines to get Iron, you can buy it directly from the vendors. There are various vendors from which you can get Iron and one of the earliest vendors from whom you can get Iron is Jemison Mercantile located near the spaceport of New Atlantis. Once you have reached the New Atlantis location on Planet Jemison, go straight from the spaceport and take a left to reach the Jemison Mercantile. You can buy a decent amount of Iron at a time from the vendor and then you can reset the vendor’s stock to buy more Iron.

That is all related to how to get Iron in Starfield.

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